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The Sponsors of LocalPaper have directly originated and managed the investment in over $1 Billion of Real Estate Transactions

With LocalPaper you can create your own diversified real estate investment portfolio


We are an investment platform that offers pre-funded, high end real estate backed investments to Accredited Investors.


This is the first platform to offer real estate debt investment in multiple tranches.


Hand pick your own investments from our diversified pre-vetted real estate offerings.

How LocalPaper works

We carefully source, evaluate, and fund investments that meet our standards to offer you the best deals

Direct Origination Network
Broker / Developer Network

Through our extensive borrower / developer network, our platform is presented with dozens of institutional quality deals a month

Team of Real Estate Analysts
Team of Real Estate Analysts

Our analysis team reviews and underwrites each investment based on our guidelines, then selects the few investments that meet our standards. We have directly sourced and funded over $1 Billion of real estate backed transactions and understand value and risk

Funding + Investors
Funding + Investors

We fully fund our investments and post them to for review by Accredited Investors

Accredited Investors
Accredited Investors

Accredited Investors review due diligence on available investments. Accredited Investors then decide on investment amount and duration.

Fully Licensed Loan Servicer / Professional Real Estate Asset Management
Fully Licensed Loan Servicer

It is expected that LocalPaper will make distributions to investors on a Monthly/Quarterly basis. All of’s investments are managed by professional companies and / or licensed loan servicers

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How to Invest with LocalPaper

Debt Investments

Loan Investments may be offered as a “Loan Participation” in a first mortgage loan or as a tranched mortgage loan divided into an A-piece and a B-piece. In both cases, unless otherwise detailed, loan investments are secured by a participation in a first position (lien) mortgage.

A Loan Participation offering is an investment secured by a first mortgage on a real estate asset. The B-piece Loan offering is similar to making an investment in a second mortgage in that the B-piece investment is in second priority position junior to the A-piece of the same first mortgage.

As the underlying borrower of the first mortgage makes its monthly interest payments, the B-piece receives its distributions. If the underlying borrower of the first mortgage does not make its full payment, the A-piece has priority in repayment of its principal and interest due. Because of this priority structure, the B-piece earns a significantly higher interest rate than the A-piece. It is important to note that unless otherwise detailed, when a loan to value ratio ("LTV") is discussed on , this metric includes the entire first mortgage, both the A-piece and B-piece.

Loan Investments on  are typically offered as a Loan Participation or as a B-Piece and will be clearly marked as such. Both will be secured by a participation in a first position mortgage

A-piece Typically 7-9% Interest Rate

Lower Loan-to-Value. Priority on all interest and principal payments.

Has a priority over the B-Piece payment of its principal and interest due.

B-piece Typically 11-16% Interest Rate

Is also a participation in the first position mortgage.

As the Note is performing the B-Piece will receive its pro-rata share of interest.

Equity Investments

We offer direct equity investments in institutional quality real estate assets. offerings include equity investments in multi-family assets, Opportunity Zone development, and strategic land entitlement investments.

The investments on are originated directly by our executive team. On you will not find brokered transactions. Our goal is to offer our Accredited Investors the same high quality, risk adjusted investments we have offered our investors over the past three decades. All investments on represent - directly originated, institutional quality, "skin in the game - interest aligned" opportunities.

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