• fiber_manual_recordWho can invest?
    Any accredited investor can invest. IRAs, Trusts, Individuals, and Companies are able to invest on LocalPaper.
  • fiber_manual_recordWhere do the deals come from?
    The deal flow you will find on LocalPaper is directly sourced by its Principals. We do not broker loans nor aggregate others’ investment offerings. We invest in each deal offered on Local Paper and we believe this alignment of interest differentiates us from other offerings you might find. We view LocalPaper as an extension of our current investor base and aim to offer the same high quality cash flowing real estate opportunities we and our investors have been investing in for the past several decades.
  • fiber_manual_recordWill I pay a fee for investing?
    No, you are not assessed any fees for your investment. The fees associated with running the project, accrediting you as a qualified investor, placing the funds received into escrow and so on are paid by the issuer.
  • fiber_manual_recordWhat is the underwriting process?
    Through our extensive broker/developer network, LocalPaper is presented with hundreds of deals a month. LocalPaper's team of in-house real estate analysts review and underwrite each investment based on our internal underwriting and due diligence guidelines then selecting the few investments that meet LocalPaper's standards.
  • fiber_manual_recordWhat happens if a loan defaults?
    LocalPaper’s loans are serviced by a fully licensed mortgage servicer. If a loan remains in default, that servicer contacts the borrower, sends applicable notices, and engages legal counsel and licensed Realtors to pursue foreclosure or any other liquidation event. Deficient payments made to the platform will be first paid to A-Piece investors. Remaining funds will be allocated to B-Piece investors. In a deficient liquidity event, payments will first be made to Fees/Expenses/Protective Advances, then to A-Piece investor Principal and Note Rate, then to B-Piece Investor principal and note rate. Please review all documents issued to you including the Form of Note, Supplement, and the Private Placement Memorandum for information relating to order of priority and payments and the risks related to making an investment on Localpaper.com
  • fiber_manual_recordAm I guaranteed a return on my investment?
    We cannot guaranty any specific return. However, we pride ourselves with our underwriting on each property and Borrower. At LocalPaper we differentiate ourselves by having skin in the game and not merely acting as brokers. It is one thing to underwrite well, it is another to underwrite well and take risk alongside one’s partners.
  • fiber_manual_recordWhat happens if LocalPaper goes out of business?
    LocalPaper loans are serviced by a fully licensed mortgage servicer and all investor funds are held in segregated escrow accounts. There is also a third party Bankruptcy Backup administrator in place to immediately take over account management. Please review all documents issued to you including the Form of Note, Supplement, and the Private Placement Memorandum for information relating to Bankruptcy and the risks related to making an investment on Localpaper.com
  • fiber_manual_recordCan I cancel my investment?
    No, all investments have been pre-funded by the platform and investors cannot modify an investment after they have completed their commitment to invest.
  • fiber_manual_recordCan the issuer or the portal cancel my investment?
    Yes, until the deal has been fully funded and closed, LocalPaper may cancel any investment at their discretion. Once the funding has closed, your investment cannot be canceled.
  • fiber_manual_recordHow are contracts signed?
    All agreements can be found and downloaded in LocalPaper’s “Deal Room.” Documents may be signed electronically or mailed to LocalPaper offices.
  • fiber_manual_recordHow do I pay for my investment?
    Funding may be completed directly from the LocalPaper platform. Funds will be sent to an escrow account where they will be held until investment is completed.
  • fiber_manual_recordHow do I verify my accredited status?
    During the investment process, you will be required to affirm that you are an accredited investor. Review instructions carefully while you go through the investment process.
  • fiber_manual_recordHow much can I invest?
    When you begin your investment, you will be shown both the maximum and minimum investment limits.
  • fiber_manual_recordWhat happens if an offering doesn't reach its funding goal?
    All investments have been pre-funded by the platform and failure to reach investment goal does not mean the investment will be canceled.
  • fiber_manual_recordWhen will the offering close?
    An offering closes when either full funding amount has been reached, the end date of the funding round has been closed, or at the discretion of the platform.
  • fiber_manual_recordWill I receive project updates after I invest?
    You will receive regular updates from LocalPaper on the status and progress of the loan. You will be notified directly by email when status updates are available on the platform.
  • fiber_manual_recordHow do investors receive interest payments?
    Monthly or quarterly investor distributions are made as the borrower of the corresponding loan makes their monthly interest payment.
  • fiber_manual_recordIs my investment secured by Real Estate?
    Your investment is secured by a participation in a first position mortgage.